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"I know in my heart you are the love of his life."

"I love you baby"

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Cars….who needs em! Well, we do but they don’t like us lately. First the alternator decides to quit on us in the truck. This was an easy fix if you have the tools, which we didn’t. We ended up borrowing the tools from my dad and Kevin did manage to get it fixed. Another challenge to this however was the fact that the way that Kevin’s schedule he was constantly working on it in the dark. We did manage to get it fixed and our use of the truck was only derailed for two days. Well that was the day after Christmas, less than a week later something happened with the car.

On New Year’s Day we were headed to a hockey game in downtown Kent. As I was slowing down to get off the free way there was a really weird sound. The car wasn’t shaking too much but as we continued it was still there. I pulled over and sure enough, my back passenger side tire was flat. We had no flash light and were on a hill that had the speed limit of 55mph, you can only imagine how fast they are really going. We got the spare on and made it to the game but our cars have now cost us over 200 dollars in that past week and a half.

We did manage to be somewhat productive and got a new shelf that we put up next to our TV to get all of the systems and routers sorted out. After getting yelled at by Kevin yesterday we got the house pretty much cleaned. Kevin is once again on the job hunt as his temp work ended on Friday. My extra hours end this Friday as well so I am starting to worry just a wee bit. My next step is to try to get financial aid or a second job, not sure if either of them will come through.

I have not been sick in the entire month that I have been away from the daycare, which affirms my belief that it was those snot nosed brats getting me sick all the time. My current job is so much less stressful! Management knows what they are doing there are no blurred lines of family and business, it is wonderful. The only downside is the fact that my work is very repetitive, which makes it rather mind numbing at times but I think that all work gets that way. I am just hoping I can stick it out for the six months to try to move somewhere else in the company. Preferably with full time and more money.

Holiday Joy
This next weekend is going to be a nice long weekend! I am normally off on Fridays and Sundays but thanks to Christmas I get all three days off! I had the option to work on Friday to get 40 hours in but I have worked a few 6 day work weeks and think I have earned this 3 day weekend! Not sure if Kevin is working this Friday, but I am just excited about having the whole weekend together!

The holiday plans go a little something like this. On Christmas Eve we are spending the time with my parents, exchanging gifts there and having dinner together. I am fairly certain we are going to follow them to the candle light services at their church and from there part ways. Christmas day, we are going to be spending the day just the two of us at home. I think we are making the other turkey that Kevin was given at work around Thanksgiving and we are going to do presents then. I am excited for Kevin to open his presents, I really hope he likes them! I am one of those people that like seeing people happy, and if I can give that to them it is the best.

The day after Christmas my brother has decided that I need to come get my stuff out of his shed. It is that stuff that we had in a joint storage locker that was cleaned out when he moved while I was still in Tennessee. His wife is being a bitch about, as usual, so he wants me to come do that. I told him that Kevin and I would come get it, because I am spending this weekend with him, because of the holiday and the fact that we don't get that much time together. He, like my mother, starts saying how he just wants it to be us, he is going to kick his wife out of the house and blah blah blah. If he didn't have other motives I just might believe him, but I don't. His psycho wife won't agree to leave knowing I am coming over, and I am not going to come over with her there alone. Some people think I am just being stubborn and trying to cause problems, but to me, I am just so tired of being told where I can and cannot bring my husband.

Anyways....I only have 3 days left of work until my three day weekend!!! Woohooo! Class half full right?

Happiness rant
I think I have the best husband in the world! I know I complain about him some, but I know that it is just a part of life. We all have our quirks about us that are going to drive the other nuts, but we can see past those. With our schedules being off (he is gone from abou 6-530, and I am gone from about 11-930) he has taken on a lot of the household stuff. The weekends we plan laundry it seems something comes up for me. This weekend I worked on Saturday and then this Sunday I was gone about 7 hours babysitting.  Every late night that I have I come home to dinner ready for me. Yesterday he made the veggie lasagna he made me for my birthday, did laundry, and went to the store by himself to do our big shopping trip for the next few weeks while I was hanging out with kids. The funniest thing is that last week, I want to say Monday, I got him a 4lb tub of peanut butter. Yesterday he bought more peanut butter, and I asked "what about your big one you already have?" "It's almost gone." Should have known he and Lucy sit on the couch and eat from the tub (he gives her occasional licks from his fingers).

I really wish that our schedules meshed a little better because I feel bad that he is always making dinner, doing laundry, and doing the dishes. He does it without complaining and I love him for it. It comes down to, I know I wouldn't want to do all of it all the time and being partners we share these things, but because of our schedule, and a bit of laziness from me, he is doing all of it. He is amazing to me, and there are days I wish I could have more of an attitude like his.

He is so supportive of me in anything I want to do. It feels really good to know that I have a rock behind me; it keeps me going. My biggest fear is him feeling under appreciated or taken for granted. I try to keep that in the back of my mind and never make him feel that way.  If I have one wish this Christmas season it is to be able to do something for him to make sure he knows just how much I love and appreciate him.

Let's Remember Peal Harbor, Like We Did the Alamo!
Sorry a musical moment there. Yep, it is December 7th, a date which will live in infamy. Just thought I would put that little note in here, with a fitting title. I also can't resist adding a quote from animal house:

Bluto: What? Over? Did you say "over"? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!
Otter: [to Boon] Germans?
Boon: Forget it, he's rolling.

Working hard....

Anywho....It has been a long week. It was my first week working 40 hours, and though I don't mind the working part of it I hate the hours and days that I work. I work from 1215-2045, 30 miles away from home, on traffic ridden highways and freeways. I luck out that when I head there it isn't bad, but on the way home, even the smallest back up (because there are a few) it just seems forever as I want to get home! Kevin works from 7-1530, just as far away as me so he leaves even earlier and we just don't have the time together. My days off are Friday and Sunday and his are Saturday and Sunday, so we only get one full day together. It kind of sucks but I am hopping it will change in the future. The full 40 hours are only supposed to last until the first week in January, but I am not sure the reasoning behind the extra hours they are offering, so I am hoping they keep up and I can keep working full time. The way it is going the money is good and I know that we can sure use it.


I am about halfway through my book. This is a pretty thick one with 586 pages to read and about 20 pages of index. I am learning a lot about things that happened in my lifetime that I didn't know were going on. Things like the military planning and reasoning directly after 9/11. I am also asking Kevin a lot of question because not only was he slightly more aware, with his head in the present instead of the past like mine was, he was also in the military during these events. I think that I am getting even more annoying then I before as he has a different opinion from the General who wrote this book. What I am trying to get him to understand is that I am not asking questions to support the writer but more, this is what I am reading, what is your take or do you know any more info on it. I don't know that he is getting mad at me but he got a little defensive last night.

But see this is where the age difference comes into play. When 9/11 happened I was 14 years old. My big thing was something going to happen closer to home? NY was on the other side of the country, though it had a huge effect, it wasn't like I was going to be sent somewhere to fight. I remember being afraid that some of my good friends who were only a year or so away from being 18 might have to go somewhere (yeah, I have always ran with an older crowd). Kevin on the other hand was 41 and in the Army, he had a totally different view of what was going on. Kind of my reasons for asking the questions.

Lucky for him my next book won't have so many questions for him, I am actually going to re-read the last Harry Potter (let the comments come :D).

Some Fun...

Reasoning behind re-reading would be that we went and saw the first part of the last movie on Sunday. I was trying to remember things from the book and certain scenes that might have been missing. I read this about 2 years ago now so some parts are a little fuzzy and once I finish this book I am going to go ahead and read it again. The last one was definitely one of my favorites and I really did like the movie, I think they were able to keep a little closer to the book.

I also got Kevin's Christmas present and I can't wait to give it to him! I am pretty sure we are going to go get our tree this next weekend and I am getting more into the Christmas spirit.

I must bring this to an end as I need to put my lunch together for work and head out to get some gas in the car and get to work on time. Hopefully Lucy will stay snoozing on the couch, wouldn't want to interrupt her busy day of dreaming!

Christmas is coming!
I am getting excited about the holiday season. Kevin and I are going to go get our tree soon and then comes the time to decorate it! My friend does a lot of photography and though she did not answer my email about price I am hoping she will take some pictures for Kevin and I  and give me a friend discount or do it for free. I am hoping that we can have a Christmasy one that we can put on cards to send out to friends. 

I am getting even more excited about the fact that we are going to be doing our Christmas just the two of us. Last year the stress that was Christmas day thanks to my moms refusal to include Kevin will be a thing of the past. He and I are planning on having Christmas day to ourselves and doing the family stuff either the day before or after. I like the idea of spending it with just him and getting to start traditions whatever they may, be for just us.

Family, Thanksgiving and Puppy Dogs!
I think Kevin is getting sick, hopefully nothing too serious, but he went to bed early this evening. Work is going well, I am getting nervous because I am pretty sure i have to actually get on the phones tomorrow. I helped out my trainer today by letting him schedule me to donate blood this Monday so he got one more appointment in his que for the day. Apparently my blood type is in low supply so I was happy to help. I have been meaning to go donate anyways and now since the clinic is right down stairs from my office I can easily do it.

I am hoping to get into my writing again. I have managed to get passed some writers block and may have even managed to talk Kevin into helping me co-write something (I need a males pov for some letters and sometimes in the past have been told that there is no way a guy would say this or that, so I figured he could help). My new job still has me not working until the afternoons so I really need to find something to do with my morning, so why not give my writing a shot.

Money struggles are really starting to worry me and I am just at a loss of how to fix it. I have so many things I want to do, or feel like I need to do and we can't do it because of money. I keep getting bogged down by all of this, and my sleep is still being effected by it. I need to make a doctors appointment for myself and have it be a all encompassing visit, for this and other things. I have done something to my wrist that has been bothering me for over a year now. My whole body is just starting to shut down because I am not getting sleep and I keep getting this sharp pain in my stomach around where my gall bladder was. I am curious if it could be something to do with scare tissue in there, but it has been going on for over a month now, so it is worth asking about if I am at the doctor.

On the brighter side of life....Thanksgiving was yesterday and it was a lot of fun. Kevin and I invited my dad and step mom over who I have not spent Thanksgiving with in about 5 years. We did all the cooking and dinner turned out really good! It was my first time cooking a turkey, along with my grandpa's recipe for stuffing. Now normally I make my own crust for a pumpkin pie, but due to lack of pie pan and a few of the ingredients we decided to just buy a ready made crust. Well that will teach me to take short cuts because I had a bit of a mishap. I didn't notice there were two crusts in the package. So, now we have one pie and two cooked crusts. Since the pie was pretty much double insulated the pumpkin mix didn't want to completely solidify. It still tastes good, but it was just a little mushy. I cooked about 20 minutes longer than it called for after I had discovered the second crust, but then the crust of the complete pie was starting to burn.

After dinner my dad decided to give my Wii a try and it was pretty hysterical. He tried playing guitar hero and showed his lack of coordination. He then moved onto Wii Baseball and did just a little better on that. We all had a laugh and enjoyed the company so I was very happy with my holiday! Lucy was excited about all the little treats she was getting. She not only got some giblets, but crackers, turkey, and cheese. All of this did not stop her from sitting at my feet begging for some scraps during desert and now my little fat puppy is snoring next to me. She was excited to be the center of attention to as we all took turns playing with her rope, which she has torn in two.

Of course what is a holiday without just a little bit of drama. My brother is married to a...well there is no nice way to put it...psycho bitch. She decided that they were going to go to her parents for breakfast and then have dinner with my parents. Well my parents have been planning on coming to my place for dinner since about September. They did not mention this plan to my parents but confirmed breakfast with her parents. When my brother called my parents to ask what time they should come over for dinner my step mom just said "ahh....we aren't making dinner here we are going to your sisters." Since my brother isn't talking to me, nor has he met my husband, no one else is supposed to it seems. Anyways....he talked to the bitch and she was pissed. How dare my parents change the plans on her! My parents had said maybe they could switch their plans around and have breakfast with them and go to her parents for dinner, but she refused to change their plans and they would just go to her parents and stay all day. What gets funnier is that when her parents found out they were going to stay all day the said, no that they didn't want to make them both breakfast and dinner. I just had to laugh.

My brother and his wife are both free loaders. They go to my parents on Sundays and expect them to have dinner for them and heaven forbid it isn't their favorite meal or could be something they had a few nights ago. Mostly it is her, but she just expects things to be done for them. They sent out Christmas lists around Halloween. One thing on the list was for the grandparents to buy my 3 year old nephew a FULL size bed. I didn't have a full size bed until about 8th or 9th grade. They just have really weird ideas in their head about reality.

Anywho, I believe i am going to give bed a shot, I have to be to work tomorrow about nine, so I still have a little bit of time to get in some shut eye.

Snow days and Work
Had my first day of work yesterday and I got my first work badge! It sounds so strange to be excited about something like that but it is a real key-pass work badge with my picture and name on it. I feel like I finally have a real job.

The only down side to yesterday was that mother nature decided that we needed some snow to put us all in the holiday spirit. I was actually in Seattle and had carpooled with my step mom and a trip that would normally take 20 minutes was actually 3.5 hours. Kevin was actually on the road for almost 6 hours and his commute should have only been about 45 minutes. Today neither of us went into work, because the freeways look a little better but there is still a lot of ice on the roads. Hopefully tomorrow will get a little better though they are saying that we won't get above freezing until the middle of the day Thursday.

I am getting excited about Thursday being Thanksgiving. We have all the stuff we need for dinner and were even given a turkey by Kevin's work and now have two. Not that we need two but now we just have extra to make and use for other things. We are going to be tired of turkey soon! My dad and step mom are coming here for dinner should no more weather mess with road conditions.

Next comes Christmas and I am getting excited about getting our tree!

Well Damn
Guess it is only going to be one job yet again. I found out today in a round about way that they weren't going to be able to work something out where I can stay on at the daycare. This only saddens me because both jobs would have meant great money, but that is where the sadness ends. Not being at the daycare means no more childish drama, no more blurred lines between family and business, no more talking behind peoples back, it will be wonderful!

All I really feel like saying right now, but will add a happy puppy photo!

Puppy Photos (are they ever a bad thing??)Collapse )

Seriously, why do these things always happen on Monday???
What a day!

I heard the best explanation of Veteran's Day from a 5 year old. "Veteran's day is when you celebrate the Army by staying home from kindergarten." Well, he has some aspects right. I couldn't help but laugh at this.

So I don't think that I am going to be keeping my job at the daycare just because they are being really weird, and not shockingly talking behind my back. Sad, but whatever.

A conundrum has presented itself this evening too. Apparently on Friday, the place I got offered the second job from called to see if I would interview for a different one that I had also applied for. This one is full time though and about 3 dollars more an hour. I didn't get this message until this evening and am going to have to call tomorrow and figure it out. The downside is that if I interview I have to wait and see if they want to hire me, if they do I need to know before I start the other job there because otherwise I cannot change positions internally for 6 months. My fear is turning down the one I already have and don't get the other. So I am going to have to talk to the women when I call tomorrow and see what she says.

Today I also found that my wonderful husband is more forgetful than I thought. I kept getting a phone call from a number I didn't recognize and sure enough it was him when I finally answered it. The genius locked his keys in the car....AGAIN. He had to call me for a credit card number because I had it and I didn't get to talk to him anymore to find out what was going on. I text him to get an explanation and got no response. I figured he locked it in the car so that was why he was on someone else's phone. Nope, it was sitting on the couch when I got home. He also left the TV on this afternoon, now that he could have done for Lucy to have some noise, but it was only going to be about 4 hours and he hasn't done it before so who knows.

Right now I sit here bored out of my mind! I am fighting a migraine today so luckily I can type without looking at the computer screen. Reading is out which is sad because I am really enjoying my book that I talked about in my last post. So instead I am doing something really stupid too which is watching things about haunted homes when I am home alone at night still getting used to all of the odd noises of this apt. What can I say, it intrigues me.

Oh decisions that need to be made! I am in for a long night!

Reading and Pictures
It has been a long time since I have really been able to sit down and read a book, and right now I am actually reading a book that is giving me some great incentive. I am reading American Soldier by General Tommy Franks, which is his autobiography. What I am really loving about it is his attitude about being a soldier. He talks about retreat and the sense of pride, and it truly sounds like what I have been trying to get across when I talk about wanting to be a soldier. In the last few weeks I haven't been able to go to the gym because I had to cancel my membership. I need to go sign up for a new gym so that I can get there and be in that uniform and salute at retreat everyday.

I think I am driving Kevin nuts with all of my questions and wanting to read him bits that I find particularly amusing or touching, but oh well. He has gotten to laugh at me too because he seems to think that since I know a lot about the military already I must know all. So the things that I ask him he gets a giggle.

The apartment is slowly coming together. The livingroom is pretty much put together and I got even more stuff put up on the wall. It is really starting to look like a home now we just need to work on the dinning room and then our bedroom which is the whole of our humble abode. If I really do have two jobs which one minute it sounds like the daycare will work with me and the next it doesn't I can really get things moving. I need to get or build something for my record player and records. I have too many books and movies to have them all fit on my shelf so I need something different. I am also thinking a need  a second shelf or a bigger shelf because as it is I ran out of room for all of my books.

Just for some giggles for you all I added a few funny pictures of a goofy dog and husband I know.... :p

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